NETx KNX IP Router v2


Bus powered router/interface between IP and KNX

The KNXnet/IP router allows forwarding of telegrams between different KNX lines through an IP network. In addition it can be used for connecting a PC (e.g. BMS server, visualization, ETS, …) to the KNX network. The IP address can be retrieved from a DHCP server or it can be configured manually (ETS). Power is supplied via the KNX bus. This device works according to the KNXnet/IP specification using the parts core, device management, tunnelling and routing. The router has a filter table (8 kByte) and is able to buffer up to 150 telegrams.





Hardware type 

KNXnet/IP tunnelling and routing   Product-ID: H02.





Version 2    

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Older version 

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