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System architecture

The NETx BMS Platform is a Windows-based software which can be installed and run on any device - starting from small Windows embedded boxes up to large Windows server systems. As long as Windows is used as an operating system, the NETx BMS Platform can also be installed within a virtual (VMWARE, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, ...) or cloud-based environment (Microsoft Azure, ...). The hardware requirements depend on the amount of data points and the amount of implemented building management functions (amount of visualization clients, amount of defined alarms, logic definitions, ...).



The NETx BMS Platform consists of various components:

NETx BMS Platform 2018 - system architecture




   Core Studio



A user interface for configuring and maintaining the data points

   Core Server



This is the main component which communicates with devices, stores and processes the data point values and provides the building management functions

   Web Manager



The Web Manager is a web based user interface for managing the building management functions like alarm management, scheduling, trending and visualization. The web based visualizations are also provided by the web manager.




The visualization is an additional Windows based software. It is used as an editor for creating visualizations (web based and PC based visualizations) as well as runtime for PC based visualizations.

   XLogic Editor



This Windows based software is used to create logic for the Core Server using graphical programming.

   SQL database



The SQL database is used to store persistent data like historical data point values and alarm logs. The NETx BMS Platform supports various SQL backends like MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, etc.