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   Multi-protocol gateway



The NETx MP Server acts as a multi-protocol gateway. Therefore, you can bidirectionally exchange data and information between different protocols and technologies. If the exchanged data varies concerning type, automatic conversion rules are applied. By using the integrated logic engine, also a manual conversion can be effected. More information about the supported interfaces can be found here.

   Logic engine



If the available control functionality within the field devices is not sufficient or if control functions are required that are distributed across devices that use different technologies, the logic engine of the NETx MP Server can be used. The NETx MP Server provides a scripting engine based on LUA scripts as well as a graphical function block programming tool called XLogic Editor.

Both ways for implementing logic can be used at the same way – depending on what you prefer. Using this logic engine it is possible to read and write data points, perform mathematical operations and calculations, send notifications like emails or messages via social media and much more. It is even possible to implement complex control functions like PID control or drivers for communication protocols.To ease the development of your own control logic, ready for use logic functions are included. In addition, virtual data points can be created to define user specific virtual structures. These data points are only existing in the server and can be used in the same way as physical data points.