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System architecture

The NETx Multi Protocol Server uses the same server core as the NETx BMS Platform. This means that the configuration and management of the different interfaces is exactly the same as within the NETx BMS Platform. This is also true for the logic engine.

The main difference between the NETx Multi Protocol Server and the NETx BMS Platform is the lack of BMS functions. Alarm management, scheduler, trending, reporting and visualization is not available within the NETx Multi Protocol Server. Our extra modules like NETx LaMPS and NETx Shutter Control are also not available. More information about the difference can be found in our product matrix.

However, the good news are that an upgrade from the NETx Multi Protocol Server to the NETx BMS Platform is possible.




NETx BMS Platform 2018 - system architecture




   MP Server Studio



A user interface for configuring and maintaining the data points

   MP Server



This is the main component which communicates with devices, stores and processes the data point values and provides the building management functions

   XLogic Editor



This Windows based software is used to create logic for the Core Server using graphical programming.