Here   is an overview of all important server features.

NETx BMS Server   Extensive building management system with numerous interfaces to different system technologies and application specific systems

NETx KNX OPC Server   Standard OPC solution for KNX projects of different sizes





Here   is a comparison of features of the PC and web based visualization.

NETx BMS Clients   Web based visualization for touch panels, smart phones, tablets and other devices with standard web browser

NETx Voyager   PC based, scalable visualization with customizable graphic user interface

NETx Shutter Control   Automatic shading system based on the season, weather, position of sun and 3D building geometry

NETx MaRS Module  Energy reporting system for the analysis of consumption values of smart meters




NETx Product Overview - PC based visualization, Energy reporting system, automatic shading system, web based visualization, server for KNX, OPC, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP.






NETx Tunneller   Connection between 3rd party OPC clients and the NETx Server without Windows DCOM and with simplified Windows firewall configuration


NETx BMS App   Easy import of KNX projects





NETx KNX IP Router   Router/interface between IP and KNX


NETx KNX IP Interface   Interface between IP and KNX