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NETx BMS App Secure


Easy import of KNX projects from the ETS with the NETx BMS App Secure

To import the configuration of a KNX project into a management application, you can use the "Export OPC" function of the ETS. However, this only provides basic information about the KNX installation. That is why we provide the NETx BMS App Secure for the ETS5. This allows you to import the entire KNX project with all meta information into the NETx BMS server.


The extended export file contains:

  • KNX group addresses
  • KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces
  • Security Information for Secure KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces
  • ETS project structure including network topology (areas, lines, devices and communication objects)
  • Building and trade view
  • Export of all KNX data point types (KNX DPTs)
  • Export the configuration of KNX/DALI gateways for NETx LaMPS Module


The app recognizes the configured IP addresses of the KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces. Based on the building topology, the app automatically assigns the KNX group addresses to the KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces. This saves you the time-consuming and error-prone, manual assignment of the KNX group addresses. The NETx BMS app makes importing your KNX project into a NETx server even more comfortable.


 If you need help with licensing ETS5 please read our Knowledge Base article.


NETx BMS App Secure





As a predecessor version of NETx BMS App Secure, the NETx BMS app also offers the possibility to import ETS projects into a NETx server (NETx BMS Server or NETx KNX OPC Server). Compared to NETx BMS App Secure, this app is also available for ETS4 and can also be used as an import for the NETx KNX OPC Server. However, the export of the Secure KNXnet/IP routers and the KNX/DALI gateways for LaMPS are not supported.


For the NETx BMS Server, we therefore generally recommend using the new NETx BMS App Secure. 





NETx Tunneller


Comfortable connection between third party OPC clients and NETx Server

The NETx Tunneller simplifies the connection of third party OPC clients (e.g. third party visualization) to NETx Server products (NETx BMS Server, NETx KNX OPC Server). NETx Tunneller is locally installed on the PC where the third party OPC client is running. The OPC client establishes a local OPC connection to the NETx Tunneller. It communicates with the NETx BMS Server via our own VNET protocol. As the connection between OPC client and NETx Tunneller is locally, complex Windows Firewall or Windows DCOM configuration are not required. The connection via VNET is done by using a simple TCP/IP connection that is configured easily.


Also available for main/backup solution

The NETx Tunneller also supports a main/backup configuration. Two NETx Servers can be configured optionally – a main and a backup server. If the NETx Tunneller loses the connection to the main server, the connection to the backup server is activated and the linked OPC clients receive data from the backup server. This switch is done automatically and in a transparent way for the OPC clients. Therefore, also third party OPC clients can profit of the reliable NETx main/backup solution.