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7 City Rd

Project description from our customer:

The building in Auckland, New Zealand was refurbished and all existing outdated controls of fancoil units were replaced with new HDL controllers. There are 139 controllers on 16 stories. Each controller has to be presented on visualization with its own fan, cooling and heating statuses and has to be individually controlled with temperature setpoint and comfort, standby, night and protection mode. The software controls all 139 controllers individually or in groups. To represent each controller individually representing with different statuses, one page with variables was used. There are trends implemented for ech controller and time schedules for each floor.


NETx BMS Platform: 2,052 data points / 1,891 group addresses

Visualization clients: 2

Devices: 139 - HDL FCU


Trades: HVAC

System integrator: SmartBT

Technology: KNX, BACnet