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Phaea Resorts - Blue Palace

Project description from our customer:

Blue Palace is located in Elounda - Crete, Greece and is a luxurious 5-star hotel with many heated private pools. The project is about the visualisation, control and data logging of the BMS. The BMS devices are PLCs M241 from Schneider Electric and we communicate with these with the protocol Modbus/TCP. On the site there was an old BMS system, with many damaged devices and many damaged sensors. We have replaced all the old BMS equipment with 69 PLCs M241, replaced all the damaged sensors and also integrated in the system all the Heatpumps through Modbus/Serial. Now the hotel staff has a full view and control of all the mechanical equipment. We also monitor and have trends from all the temperatures of the heated pools and alarms are triggered if the temperature are low. All the external lights and domestic hot waters are also controled. Schedules are also used for lights and mechanical equipment used for the heating and cooling of the areas.


NETx BMS Platform: 2,500 data points

Visualization clients: 5

Devices: 69 - PLC M241


Trades: Lighting, HVAC

System integrator: DOLAPSAKIS SA

Technology: KNX, Modbus, HTTP