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Hilton Hotel

Info text from our customer:

Hilton Hotel Project is a 645 rooms, 5 stars luxurious hotel, utilized KNX system for Comfort, Luxury, & Energy Saving. KNX Guest Room Management System has been proposed with Light Dimming & Switching, Blinds Control, A/C Control, KNX Dual Technology Motion Sensors, and scenes recall. Integration with VingCard Door Lock system, Siemens BACnet/IP BMS System, and Hilton OnQ Hotel Management System were major challenges to adapt and utilize. Such processes and integrations have been applied into a complex sequence to achieve Comfort, Luxury, & Energy saving without affecting quality while KNX has facilitated all faced obstacles conveniently. KNX Light Dimming System was utilized in common areas Corridors, Lobbies, Meeting Rooms, & Large Halls that gave sense of Comfort, Luxury, & Energy Saving. Control of RGB lights have also been achieved well through KNX. Visualization is widely implemented in both systems with powerful management tools and KNX devices scanning for faults.


NETx BMS Server: 13,000 data points / 40,000 group addresses

Additional interfaces: OnQ

Visualization clients: 1

NETx Voyager: 10,000 elements / 200 pages

Devices: 17,000 - dimmers, switch actuators, FCU controllers, blind actuators, DMX controllers, Glass KNX switches


Trades: lighting, HVAC, shading, integration with BACnet BMS, VingCard and OnQ HMS

System integrator: Modern Times Techncial Systems - MTTS

Technology: KNX, BACnet, VingCard, DMX, OnQ