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NETx KNX IP Secure Router

Bus powered router/interface between IP and KNX

The KNXnet/IP router allows forwarding of telegrams between different KNX lines through an IP network. In addition it can be used for connecting a PC (e.g. BMS server, visualization, ETS, …) to the KNX network.

The device supports KNX Security which can be enabled in ETS. As secure router the device allows coupling of not secured communication on KNX TP to a secured IP backbone. Also for the interface functionality (tunneling) KNX security prevents from unauthorized access.

The IP address can be retrieved from a DHCP server or it can be configured manually (ETS). Power is supplied via the KNX bus. This device works according to the KNXnet/IP specification using the parts core, device management, tunnelling and routing. The router has a filter table (8 kByte) and is able to buffer up to 150 telegrams.

NETx KNX IP Secure Router

Tipo de hardware: KNXnet/IP tunnelling y routing | ID del producto: H02.