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Las capacitaciones prácticas y de alta calidad son la base para el uso de nuestros productos de manera óptima y exitosa en diferentes proyectos.

How to register?

To register for a session pleases click on the according button "register" of the session you want to book. Afterwards you just have to fill out the according fields to complete your registration for the session.

If a training session you would like to participate in is already fully booked, please contact us. We will put you on our waiting list and contact you before the next appointment.

The online training will be available for download the next day.

For more information, please contact

Stefan Baumgartner

E-Mail  +43 7242 252 900 40

Training in Spanish

Julio Diaz


Before the training

  1. Each participant will receive a temporary developer license for free.
  2. Please make sure you have installed our software before the first unit.