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Die Kurssprache für alle Online-Sessions ist Englisch.

Product Presentation

  • Overview of our solutions and their applications
  • Presentation of selected reference projects where our products are already in use


  • Learn the basics for implementing sophisticated building automation projects with our products
  • Each participant will receive a temporary Developer License for free.
  • Please make sure you have installed our software before the first unit.

For more information, please contact

Stefan Baumgartner

E-Mail  +43 7242 252 900 40

Training in Spanish

Julio Diaz


Training content

Session 0

Company and solution

  • Introduction NETxAutomation Company
  • Overview BMS System - Protocols and Features
  • License Types, Licensing, Developer Licenses

Session 1

System Architectur and KNX Integration

  • Fieldbus Intgegration KNX
  • NETx BMS App Secure for ETS 5
  • KNX Device Monitoring - Security Concepts

Session 2

Fieldbus Integraton

  • BACnet
  • Modbus
  • SNMP
  • Extension Manager-Modules
  • Hotel Management Systems
  • Door Lock Systems

Session 3

Building Management Functions with BMS Web Manager

  • Scheduler
  • Alarms
  • Trending
  • Templates
  • Reporting
  • Diagnosis

Session 4

Integration Third Party Systems + Logics

  • Other OPC Servers + Clustering
  • OPC DA and OPC UA Clients
  • BACnet IP Clients (SCADA)
  • LUA Scripting
  • Xlogic Commands

Session 5

Visualization - basics

  • Basics and system overview
  • Visualization Editor I - Windows and views
  • Visualization Editor II - Create pages and basic control elements
  • Visualization Editor III - Create blocks/groups and use of libraries
  • Web- visualization, PC based visualization, NETx Vision App
  • User management

Session 6

Visualization - advanced

  • Use of page variables
  • Use of group variables and object variables
  • Hotel project example
  • Office Building Example

Session 7

DALI/KNX lighting system + Reporting

  • LaMPS Module
  • SQL data base
  • Reoports