Shopping malls & shops

BMS for shopping malls and shops

Shopping malls normally have different sales, parking and outdoor areas that should be integrated into a building automation system. According to the areas, different requirements are given. For parking areas, especially the lighting is of great importance. To save energy, presence detectors can be used that only react if a person is in the relevant area. For the security of parking cars and car owners, cameras are very likely to be installed.

In the shopping ares, especially lighting and the room climate is of great importance.The customer should feel good and be attempted to buy. According to temperature outside, number of people in the shop, lighting and waste heat, a defined target value has to be reached. Sensors in the rooms check the actual temperature and pass the values on to the main server, so the desired actions can be taken manually or automatically. By using a hysteresis, constant switching on and off can be avoided as the devices only react again when a predefined value is falling under the limit.

Kind and intensity of lighting depends on the individual concept of the shop and the supply of daylight. According to those conditions, more or less artificial light is required. Also, the use of colored lights varies from shop to shop, e.g. more red light in meat markets.

Building automation systems are not only applied in shopping malls but as well in individual shops. Often, a centralized control out of the headquarters is required for subsidiaries - the so named "Clustering". Each subsidiary has an own server, acting as a sub server. These servers are connected with the main server via a Wide Area Network (WAN), so each sub server operates autonomous and the main server has the task to collect the data from them.





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KNX - BACnet - Modbus - M-Bus

Green Gold

Croatia, Zagreb

NETx BMS Server, NETx KNX OPC Server, NETx Voyager
Data points 3,000
BMS clients: 5
NETx KNX OPC Server: 8 gateways
Visualization: 15,000 elements / 153 pages
Trades: lighting, HVAC
System integrator: HFC grupa d.o.o.

Green Gold is an exclusive shopping mall designed to be a different experience for the shopper. "A BMS Software like the one NETxAutomation provides, was the best way to guarantee a smooth operation of the facilities and the management of building systems like lighting, HVAC, fire alarm, security and machines like water pumps", said Daniel Roca from Inno Domotics S.R.L.


Many different protocols like KNX, Modbus, BACnet or M-Bus have been used in this project. On special thing to mention about this project is, that the complex has its own electrical, heating and energy production. Depending on the price status of the energy market it produces energy for own usage or for sale. The main goal was to achieve an overall control of al building functions with one central software. In this case the NETx BMS Server controls the building production and consumption. It automatically starts saving mode by shutting down non-vital parts when excessive energy consumption is detected. Critical events are analyzed and predicted via constant on line consumption monitoring.


Maximal effort was made on graphical design of control interface to achieve high ergonomic and aesthetic standards on client side, so anyone can easily navigate through visualization interface.

KNX - Modbus

Beauty Plaza


NETx BMS Server
Data points: 1,500
BMS clients: 2
Trades: lighting, HVAC, security, fire alarm system, monitoring and controlling water pumps
System integrator: Inno Domotics S.R.L.

Beauty Plaza is an exclusive shopping mall designed to be a different experience for the shopper. "A BMS Software like the one NETxAutomation provides, was the best way to guarantee a smooth operation of the facilities and the management of building systems like lighting, HVAC, fire alarm, security and machines like water pumps", said Daniel Roca from Inno Domotics S.R.L.


Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi, UAE

NETx BMS Server, NETx Voyager
Data points: 10,000
Trades: lighting
System integrator: Armiti Trading LLC

Marina Mall is the biggest and leading shopping destination in Abu Dhabi, UAE. To control the lighting of the building KNX is used. The NETx BMS Server is responsible for central conrol, time schedule, logic control and lights off. For visualization Armiti Trading uses the NETx Voyager.




NETx BMS Server, NETx Voyager, NETx MaRS Module
Devices: 90
Visualization: 8,137 elements / 73 pages and 283 internal, automated events
Trades: lighting, energy management
Planer: Hross & Partner Ges.m.b.H.
System integrator: ELIN GmbH & Co KG

Since its extensive expansion, the PlusCity has been one of the most modern shopping centres in Europe. The control system relies on the latest technology from the Austrian software manufacturer NETxAutomation. Due to the good experiences that were made with the software in Lentia City, the decision also fell in favour of the Austrian software supplier even this time.


"We are now playing in the Champions League of European shopping centres!" With these words, PlusCity CEO Ernst Kirchmayr clearly positions himself at the top of the domestic shopping centres. With a sales area of 70,000 m2 and 220 stores, the in 1989 opened PlusCity, is Austria´s third largest shopping centre today. Due to the outstanding success of the past years, a total of 140 million EURO was invested in the expansion of the PlusCity and the Hollywood Megaplex (cinema) as well as in its own streetcar terminal, a 4-lane road connection and a new parking garage.


Intelligent lighting control creates comfort oases for visitors

PlusCity and Hollywood Megaplex were equipped with the latest technology from NETxAutomation. The central lighting control is carried out with the NETx BMS Server, which according to the manufacturer is specialized in the integration of different technologies. The KNX bus forms the basis, and the server can also be used to integrate DALI and DMX into one single project. This allows predefined, inter-system lighting scenes as well as daylight-dependent switching between hot and cold white ("tuneable white"). This colour change, in spite of the artificial light, creates well-being oases by imitating daylight and thus meeting the natural needs of visitors.


Integration of the parking guidance system to optimize energy costs

The NETx BMS Server also provides the corresponding lighting at the parking deck by the integration of DALI and DMX. In addition, the server provides an interface to the existing building management system of the parking deck, which allows optimal operation with appropriate chronicles. An interface to the new management system of the parking deck ensures the right lighting for the individual parking areas. If the number of occupied parking spaces exceeds a defined threshold value, the lighting is intensified or reduced and thus contributes to the optimization of the energy costs.


Flexible lighting by signals from the cash desk and building management systems

In the Hollywood Megaplex, the NETx BMS server combines information from KNX, DALI and DMX with the cash desk and building management systems. Depending on the signals from the cash desk system or the available brightness sensors, the server provides a flexible control of the lighting. Each cinema can be individually controlled as well as general areas. Time-based control is also possible. "The main advantage lies in the person-independent control, so that the same parameters are created in each case regardless of whether the function is called automatically or manually. This is indispensable especially in complicated lighting processes, "says planner Peter Hross.


Cost reduction thanks to energy monitoring

In the PlusCity as well as in the Megaplex, the NETx MaRS Module provides a minute-accurate query of the energy consumption of KNX sub-meters for electricity, cooling, heating and water. This not only facilitates the recording of the operating costs, but also makes it possible to use the data automatically for further processing. In the long term, energy monitoring (daily, monthly, yearly comparison) leads to substantial cost reductions.


IKEA Megabangna


NETx KNX OPC Server, NETx Voyager
Data points: 8,000
Devices: 500
Gateways 5
Visualization: 10,000 elements / 95 pages
Trades: lighting
System integrator: Larch & Laurel Co., Ltd.

Ankara, Turkey
Porsche Wommelgem
Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
Alelek NV