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Modern building automation in schools has to meet a multitude of requirements

  • Providing an optimal learning environment
  • Maximum user comfort with efficient use of energy
  • No or minimal impact on the environment
  • Cost reduction

Save costs by need-based control of the room temperature

Inefficient heating causes costs and harms the environment. In order to keep the costs as well as the environmental impact low, it is only recommended to heat when the room is actually occupied. This can be achieved by presence detectors in the rooms or schedules (e.g. based on the timetable). In addition, with the help of window contacts, the temperature can be lowered when one or more windows are open. At night, the temperature is lowered due to time programs.

Constant light control for optimal lighting

By adding or removing artificial light, the illuminance in the room is kept constant depending on the amount of daylight (setpoint). Since only so much artificial light as needed is used, this measure has a positive effect on the costs. Another possibility for cost and energy saving is the automatic switching off of all lights, if a room is not occupied.

Presence detector on aisles and in front of inputs and outputs

Light is only switched on when a person enters the area covered by the presence detector. The automatic shutdown after a certain period of time can save important resources.

Quick problem solving through remote monitoring

By means of remote monitoring of the lighting, heating and, if necessary, blinds, an alarm can be sent to the caretaker in the event of a fault or an exceeding/undershooting of defined thresholds.

Energy reporting for resource optimization

The recording and analysis of the actual consumption values helps to uncover energy saving potentials and to derive optimization measures.





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 Gestión hotelera

 Sistemas de apertura de puerta



Ao Tawhiti Discovery School

New Zealand

NETx BMS Platform
Data points: 2,152
Group addresses: 1,297
BMS clients: 2
Visualization: 6,185 elements / 165 pages
Devices: 203 - Eelectron, HDL, Zublin
Extension modules: NETx LaMPS - DALI devices: 824
Trades: lighting, emergency lighting
System integrator: SmartBT

New Ao Tawihiti Discovery school was built in Christchurch in 2019. There are 824 luminaries to be monitored for faults and around 150 emergency lights to be tested regularly, monitored and reported to the building manager.

KNX - BACnet - Modbus - DALI



NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Data points: 1,000
Group addresses: 500
Visualization: 500 elements / 10 pages
Trades: lighting, HVAC
System integrator: DGLUX PTE LTD

This project is located in the Net Zero Energy Building in Singapore. The NETx software is used to control and monitor various areas, such as: corridors, toilets and classrooms. The project is an ongoing task where faculty members explore Net Zero. Therefore, the control system is always extended with modules and devices.


MD2, MD11, CeLs, MD1 Level 14


NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Data points: 2,500
BMS clients 5
Visualization: 117 elements
Trades: lighting, security, access control, SMS alarm
System integrator: Jung Asia Pte. Ltd.

KNX - BACnet - Modbus - DALI

MD1 Tahir Foundation Building


NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Data points: 15,000
BMS clients 10
Visualization: 155 elements
Trades: lighting, security, access control, energy monitoring
System integrator: Jung Asia Pte. Ltd.


Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University


NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Data points: 2,000
Visualization: 11 pages
Devices: 500
Gateways: 4
Trades: lighting
System integrator: Larch & Laurel Co., Ltd.

Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University or STOU is one of two open universities in Thailand. The university was officially established by royal charter on 5 September 1978 as Thailand's eleventh state university to provide the people with increased education opportunities and was the first open university in Southeast Asia to use a distance teaching/learning system. NETx Automation is responsible for lighting control system in exterior and landscape lighting.

KNX - BACnet - Modbus - DALI

MD6 - Centre of Translational Medicine


NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Data points: 25,000
BMS clients: 10
Visualization: 260 elements
Trades: lighting, security, access control
System integrator: Jung Asia Pte. Ltd.


Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University

Saudi Arabia

NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Trades: lighting, HVAC, shading
System integrator: Modern Times Technical Systems (MTTS)

The Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University was awarded the KNX Award 2012 in the category „International Award Asia‘“. The campus with 800 ha was designed as a separate district. The building automation system is responsible for efficient lighting, air conditioning and shading control in all the buildings. Large glass surfaces, 45° Celsius and high solar radiation require a reliable shading technology. This facilitates the air conditioning and has a positive effect on the running costs and the environmental protection. Daylight and presence dependent control as well as consistent lighting control ensure an efficient lighting in the classrooms, laboratories and offices. Different lighting scenes can be triggered with a scene push button, e.g. shading for presentations. A sophisticated visualization allows a central control of the whole KNX installation. Via BACnet gateway an occupation dependent set point adjustment is possible.

Schools Mannheim
Mannheim, Germany
BBS Bau- und Betriebsservice GmbH