Sports & event centers

BMS for sports & event centers

Stadiums and sports centers normally offer a high number of rooms, which are used differently. While a chilled atmosphere should be achieved in the restaurant area, highest quality of air is important in the dressing rooms and showers. VIP areas draw attention by impressive lighting scenes and souvenir shops should invite you to buy some presents. Depending on the type of use, lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning have to be controlled individually. Even outside applications like underground heating or the lighting of playgrounds, tribunes and parking spaces can be integrated in the building automation system. Presupposition is a single room control, that can be controlled centrally.

Especially sports centers have to be flexible. Determined booking schedules have to be adaptable in short-term e.g. if a tennis player changes his reservation of the tennis hall. Using wall panels, people can control light and room temperature actively.





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KNX - Modbus - DALI - B-Bus - OPC-UA

AlbinoLeffe Stadium


NETx Multi Protocol Server
Trades: lighting, HVAC, security, technological systems
Data points: 2,500
Group addresses: 7
System integrator: FM Automazione Srl

The NETx MP Server implemented by FM Automazione allows the management of the entire "Albinoleffe Stadium" (and in the future the new Academy building) through the control of the main utilities typical for these systems: Lighting and air conditioning, security systems, audio and video systems, technical systems, etc.

The control system consists of various hardware and software devices (PLCs, control units, gateways, etc.) that communicate with each other through the KNX protocol and allow the management and control of various building processes through a central control unit that allows, for example, to regulate the temperature in a room, control the lighting system depending on the environmental conditions, activate/deactivate the security system, collect and export data, etc. with the possibility of remote control through the Internet or even through an app.

Special attention has been paid to the environmental sustainability of the structure, creating systems that use geothermal energy for heating without producing CO2 and recover rainwater for irrigation of the large green areas.

Such a system makes it possible to monitor performance and immediately detect any errors in the various processes.

The presence of an automated system also makes it possible to constantly monitor consumption and immediately identify the most critical areas where action must be taken.

Thanks to an intelligent and scheduled management of the system, it is possible to reduce energy consumption by avoiding waste, thus reducing harmful emissions into the environment.

The stadium is in the city of Zanica (BG), where the team of UC Albinoleffe will play the Italian Professional League Championship.


CNSC Centre national sportif et culturel (d'Coque)


NETx BMS Server (main/backup)
Trades: lighting, HVAC
System integrator: Luxelec Building Technology SA

Located near to the city center and the airport of Luxembourg, d´Coque can be found. The sports and culture center includes different swimming pools, a dip tank, a wellness area, several fitness rooms, a conference center, a climbing wall, exhibition areas, several restaurants and a hotel. The futuristic building was designed by the famous architect Roger Taillibert.


NETx BMS Server is responsible for

  • Lighting - connection via actuator and DALI Bus
  • Ventilation - Control via window motors in the arena interconnected with smoke alarm system, monitoring of fire shutters
  • Web visualization with NETx BMS Clients
  • Maintenance interval schedule by the local service technician


Surf Coast Shire Civic Building


NETx BMS Server, NETx Voyager
Trades: lighting, HVAC, technical monitoring, energy management, audiovisual equipment, interfaces to other systems, remote access and control
System integrator: mySmartCTI

The center for sports, culture and communication at the Australian Surf Coast was awarded the KNX Award in the category "International Africa, America, Australia". The well thought-out building automation system highly contributed to the certification of a "5-Star Green Building".

To ensure an efficient lighting control as well as a consistent level of brightness, light sensors and dimmers are used. Presence detectors, occupation schedules and brightness sensors avoid unnecessary burning time. Even ventilation and heating is controlled centrally. For events, lighting scenes can be triggered by connecting the audiovisual equipment with the lighting control. For creating the scenes, the visualization can be used. The NETx Software is responsible for the central visualization, which allows even remote control.

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