NETx hotel solution

Integrated Hotel solution for any type of hotel project including management dashboard and control platform for all relevant hotel departments

Lighting – heating – cooling – air conditioning – blinds & curtains – status panel considering occupancy – hotel PMS information


Integrated solution for guest satisfaction and comfort - Advantages for hotel owners, facility manager, etc.


Guest Room Management

  1. Lighting Control
  2. Climate Control
  3. Shading
  4. DND/MUR
  5. Presence/Absence
  6. Bedside panel & WA


Software for hotel building from NETx

  1. Gateway to all LMS & BMS hardware
  2. Gateway to PMS/door lock
  3. Room control for hotel guest on mobile devices
  4. Visualization for hotel staff and guests
  5. Master supervision for complete hotel buildings


Guest Entertainment App

IP TV - multiple interfaces available


1. Optimized guest comfort, security.
2. Connected services offering enhanced efficiency of overall management of the hotel building, hence reducing operational cost.
3. Single vendor point of contact for guest room hardware and software need.
4. Integration of all main services e.g. BMS/Fire/Access/Door Lock/PMS under one system.
5. Unified master visualization for facility managers, maintenance staff.

Functional solution

  • Fully customizable, integrated and flexible package for any type of hotel
  • Secure IP based solution - device monitoring including status and warnings
  • Separate function and HMI-design for different departments - front-office, housekeeping, engineering/IT and management on PC, tablet, mobile
  • Air conditioning, heating, cooling, lights, blinds/shutters, sensors/actuators
  • Energy and resource management for operator
  • Display of room status, DND, MUR, status panel
  • Integrates guest rooms, common areas, surrounding
  • Secure guest mobile access for control GRMS in room – mySmartSuite (BYOD)

Guest room management with “mySmartSuite”

Bring your own device

  • Detailed overview of all rooms
  • Extended guest information
  • Check in and check out information incl. room change
  • Room status (make up room, do not disturb)
  • Message processing
  • Integrated with Oracle Fidelio or as stand-alone

NETx mySmartSuite App - fully customized app for each room type – secure!

Room control and secure visualization

  • Only for the assigned hotel room
  • Valid only during the booked period
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Automatically installed and configured via QR code
  • Control of lighting, shutters/blinds and HVAC in the room and everything else that is integrated via KNX, BACnet, Modbus, …
  • Fully customizable user interface (integration of corporate identity, hotel logo)
  • Room access QR codes are renewed for every guest
  • Access to room control is automatically revoked after checkout
  • Secure web-based visualization via SSL/TLS


Compatibility: iOS 12.1 or later / Android 5.1 or later