Main/backup solution



When the main server is active the backup server synchronizes all data and remains up to date via the synchronization connection.



When the main server is down, the synchronization connection is lost and the backup server takes over all control including communication with field devices and visualization clients.



When the main server is active again, the backup server updates the main server with all current data and becomes inactive. The main server takes over the control as usual.


For highest reliability

NETx BMS Platform as well as our NETx MP Server can be integrated as a main/backup solution. This means that two server instances are installed on two different locations – either on two different physical servers/workstations or within two virtual machines

Increased reliability

In case of a hardware failure (e.g. corrupted memory or a defect hard disk), the physical workstation will fail and crash. In such a case, the backup server can take over the control.

Easy Maintenance

It reduces the downtime for maintenance tasks.For example, if the Windows operating system was updated, a reboot may be required. During such a reboot, the backup server can take over.

Changing configuration without downtime

for some configuration changes, the NETx Server has to be restarted. Again, during this restart the backup server can take over.

Main/Backup solution