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Door locking systems


KNX - BACnet - Modbus - DALI - DMX

National Bank of Bolivia S.A. Florida Agency


NETx BMS Platform
Data points: 10,000
Visualization clients: 3
Extension modules: metering
Devices: 324
Trades: lighting, HVAC, UPS, Generator, Power Management
System integrator: Electrored Bolivia S.R.L

The building of the National Bank of Bolivia S.A. Agencia La Florida is the headquarters of the company at the national level and has a modern infrastructure that includes a lot of technology. The Bank has paid attention to sustainability in its design and operation, making the building environmentally friendly by promoting the use of clean energy that contributes to environmental protection, being a highly efficient building, promoting the rational use of energy, controlling and monitoring the various systems, etc.

Electrored Bolivia S.R.L., a leading provider of technologies for the country's electricity market, was the strategic ally in the development of this major project. With NETx Automation's BMS software, we have a fundamental tool to manage these technological and integrative projects throughout Bolivia and beyond. The BMS Platform was the ideal solution to cover all the needs of the market, since it is an open software that can be integrated with any manufacturer, which adds value to the solution.

The main objective of this project is to manage all the systems involved in the building infrastructure from a single platform where each of the isolated systems can easily interact with each other, manage the entire building on the same platform, receive reports on events and generate reports useful for decision making by the technical and maintenance staff involved in the management.

Ultimately, it creates a simple and friendly user interface that replicates the reality of the facility, in which the control and monitoring of the various systems of the building is possible with a click.

KNX - BACnet - Modbus

Bank Bandung City


NETx BMS Platform
Data points: 1,200
Group addresses: 800
Visualization clients: 2
Extension modules: metering
KNX devices: 100
Trades: lighting, HVAC
System integrator: Nortek Defari

The project is located in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, and retrofits an old BMS system that mainly uses the BACnet protocol. The challenge in this project was to visualise and control the old system without changing the old controllers, and to add a KNX system for lighting control, analog sensors, and Modbus for metering. The NETx BMS Platfrom integrates all protocols.


ZhongShan Road


NETx BMS Server
Data points: 5,000
Group addresses: 5,000
BMS clients: 2
Devices: IPR/S 3.1.1; Switch Actuator
Trades: lighting

Zhongshan Road is the main urban road in Ningbo, extending from the east of the city to the west. This project is used to control the nighttime landscape lighting of buildings on both sides of Zhongshan Road. There are about 200 buildings, and each building uses an IP gateway. Considering the powerful BMS Server Gateway access capability, so it is very suitable for use in this project.


St. Margarets Complex

Australia, Sydney

NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Data points: 1,700
BMS clients 5
Visualization: 25 pages
Trades: lighting, HVAC, hydraulic services monitoring, fire services monitoring and CO monitoring
System integrator: Konex Automation Pty Ltd.

St. Margarets Complex in Surry Hills, Sydney consists of 4 buildings with mixed use like residential apartments, commercial, retail and carpark (underground).


Garden Factory (Hero Moto Corp)


NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Trades: lighting, HVAC
System integrator: Entelechy Systems

The Garden Factory is a manufacturing plant and parts center for the two-wheeler manufacturer Hero Moto Corp. Their effort to bring together innovation and nature was rewarded with beeing Indias first Platinum-rated manufactoring plant. The task of Entelechy Systems was to provide an energy-saving lighting system that is connected to HVAC, SCADA and BMS systems.


Case Study: Manufacturing Plant in Rajasthan, India uses KNX for Energy-Efficient Lighting


Port of Antwerp


NETx BMS Server, NETxVoyager
Data points: 25,000
BMS clients: 10
Trades: lighting, fire detection, intrusion detection
System integrator: DOMICA bvba

The Port of Antwerp is a port in Europe accessible to capesize ships. It is Europe’s second-largest seaport, after Rotterdam. Antwerp stands at the upper end of the tidal estuary of the Scheldt. The estuary is navigable by ships of more than 100,000 Gross Tons as far as 80 km inland. In 2012, the Port of Antwerp handled 14,220 sea trade ships (190.8 million tons of cargo, 53.6% in containers), 57,044 inland barges (123.2 million tons of cargo), and offered liner services to 800 different maritime destinations. Beacons in the harbour, which give status through SMS. These messages contain a code that has to be converted and translated to meaningful measurements (voltage of batteries, lights on at x hour, off at x hour, energy obtained from solarpanels, temperature, errors, …)


  • Domotics KNX in buildings (status as well as remote on/off/dimming)
  • Status reports from emergency lighting in the buildings (monthly reports according to requirements of European law EN50172)
  • UPS in several buildings
  • Emergency generators in several buildings
  • Connection with shore power installations, which provide power to ships when they are in the docks (ships have to be connected with shore power in order to reduce CO emmission)
  • Fire detection of the buildings
  • Intrusion detection of the buildings
  • Important electrical cabinets on remote locations through input/output with GPRS connection


The main page is a chart of the harbor, which is divided into 16 parts. When an installation gives an error the corresponding area in the harbour turns red and an alarm is displayed on screen.

KNX - Modbus

Offices and electric charging station


NETx BMS Server
Data points: 724
Group addresses: 103
Devices: 55 - RFID reader, Power Analizer, AP Wifi, Switch and Router, SAI, actuators, binary inputs, pulse counters
Trades: Lighting, HVAC, security, access control, energy efficiency, electric vehicles
System integrator: Domonorte Tecnologia S.l.

Offices and garage in Bilbao of a cleaning company. They have eight electric vehicles and little power available. The vehicle is controlled by recharging using RFID readers and the charging intensity of each outlet is controlled. In addition to this, the general consumption and of each charging circuit, plugs, lighting, HVAC, water consumption etc. is monitored. The office lighting only light if the brightness falls below a threshold. In the locker rooms, industrial heaters are controlled, maintaining a uniform temperature during shower times. The state of the windows is monitored, and the heaters are turned off in case of opening. Ventilation circuits and thermoses are controlled so that they do not work when vehicles are charging. Electrical protections, LAN network equipment, Wi-Fi connections are monitored to generate alarms. A monitored UPS maintains the electrical supply of critical systems (server, router, switch, gateways, general power analyser) in case of a fall and generates alarms. All accumulated energy and water measures are stored in an additional database and integrated into the client management software at the end of the day. The state of charge of the vehicles, the RFID reading, and the consumption of each recharge are also sent in real time.

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