KNX Security

The digital networking of buildings has also changed the dangers posed by attackers and made security in home and building automation one of the key buzzwords of our time. In order to avoid massive, economic threats such as circumventing security systems or a complete shutdown of a building automation system, our solutions offer you two options.



New KNX IP security drivers for the NETx BMS platform

  • Protection for projects from additional external attacks
  • Secure KNXnet/IP tunneling, the connection between the platform and secure KNXnet/IP routers and interfaces is protected with highly secure standards

Security in existing KNX projects

In order to avoid dangerous security gaps in existing KNX projects, software tools can be used on the building management level, which increase security:

  • Intrusion detection and alarm systems
  • Device monitoring and logging
  • Visualization, which TLS / SSL connections supports


Additional protection through organizational measures

  • Isolation of building automation networks
  • Training of electrical installers and integrators for the correct and safe use of technologies

Secure, central management using the NETx BMS Platform

The NETx BMS Platform is part of the IP network and communicates with the KNXnet/IP interfaces and/or routers via KNXnet/IP tunneling connections. The server has access to all KNX lines via these connections. Central commands can be implemented directly in the server and then triggered by the customer via the visualization.


Building management systems for providing security in existing KNX projects: organizational measures and device monitoring.

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