BMS for airports

Airports are a big challenge for building management systems. Besides the terminals, also arrival- or departure areas, parking areas, maintenance rooms, hangars and other areas can be lightened, air conditioned or heated. Therefore, an enormous number of KNX data points, BACnet objects, etc. have to be integrated into the building management system.

Often, also a high interoperability between building automation systems of different manufacturers is needed. Especially if there are totally new or newly renovated parts of buildings, the integration of existing systems is of great importance. Because of the enormous requirements towards the building management software, servers with a high number of open, standardized interfaces are needed.

Security is a central topic at airports. Not only meant is the security that is given by integrating access controls and numerous cameras in- and outside, but also the redundancy of the building management system. In this case, the application of a main/backup solution is recommended. By using main/backup systems, level of security and handling of maintenance work is enhanced.

Energy efficiency is a catching phrase in this field of application. Daylight dependent consistent lighting, as well as heating and air conditioning according to necessity helps to keep energy consumption low. The analysis of actual consumption shows potentials of saving.





Alarm management


Door locking systems



Ashgabat International Aiport


NETx BMS Server, NETx Voyager
Data points: 12,000
Devices: 789
KNX modules: 1447
Gateways: 10
Trades: Lighting
System integrator: Optimus Doruk ELK

The new Ashgabat International Airport was built to replace the existing, old airport facilities. The new terminal has 161,851 mm² and can host 14 million passangers anually to IATA Class A service standards. A 3,800m long CATIII runway with Code F capacity can even accommodate the largest passenger aircrafts like an Airbus A380 or an Boeing B747-8. The new 408,046 m² Ashgabat International Airport includes.


  • VIP terminal
  • air traffic control tower
  • indoor and outdoor parking lots (capacity for 3,000 vehicles)
  • cargo terminal (annual load capacity of 200,000 tons)
  • aircraft maintenance hangar with a capacity for three planes
  • new fuel supply facilities
  • catering building
  • fire fighting buildings
  • maintenance-repair and warehouse facilities
  • civil aviation school
  • flight and cabin training simulation building
  • hospital,
  • dormitory
  • indoor sports hall and other support facilities


Delhi International Airport


NETx Voyager Server, NETx Voyager
Trades: lighting, energy and alarm management
System integrator: Entelechy Systems

The Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is the busiest airport in India. In March 2010 it was expanded by a further terminal. 100,000 light fittings ensure the well-being and safety of the passengers. For that, the project won the KNX Award 2010 in the category "International Asia". The NETx Voyager Server provides the connection to the Honeywell Server and is responsible for energy and alarm management.

Airport Beijing
Beijing, China
ABB China


Changi Airport
SYS.TEC Gebäudeautomation GmbH & Co. KG



BER Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
SYS.TEC Gebäudeautomation GmbH & Co. KG


Airport Salzburg
EQOS-ENERGIE Österreich GmbH
New Bangkok International Airport
Bangkok, Thailand
Larch & Laurel Co. , Ltd