Why BMS?

More comfort for the user, simultaneous to efficient use of the available resources



Modern building automation systems support the user through control functions and modes that are running in the background automatically. By using extended applications (central visualization, constant lighting control, automatic shading, support of disabled persons) the wishes and needs of the user should be served in the best way. „The building should adapt itself to the user and not the user to the building”.

Energy efficiency

The potential of energy saving by building automation is enormous. Especially when using an all-in-one solution, which integrates different systems and technologies, existing resources are utilized much better. At the same time, the efficient use of resources highly contributes to the protection of the environment (e.g. lowering CO2 footprint).

Lowering of costs

The integration of different technologies enables the implementation of central management functions like visualization, remote-access, maintenance work, archiving of data. For example, you can use one central visualization instead of several visualizations for each subsystem. By this, you save initial as well as running costs (e.g. maintenance work, training costs for employees, ...).

Building automation +

Modern building automation systems are no longer limited to classic applications like lighting/shading or heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). They are increasingly integrating applications from other domains e.g. alarm systems, energy management or access control systems. All these applications have specific requirements. For this reason, they are based on different system technologies:


KNX - BACnet - Modbus - SNMP - DALI - EnOcean - M-Bus - DMX - Fidelio/Opera - Protel - VingCard - proprietary solutions - etc.


Each of these systems has its own approach to provide data and information. A data exchange between these technologies is not possible without special measures. This exchange of data is the basis for providing extended applications, which make modern building automation projects unique. For that reason we developed the NETx BMS Platform.

Green building