NETx BMS App Secure

Easy import of KNX projects from the ETS with the NETx BMS app

  • The entire KNX project with all meta information can be imported into the NETx Core Server
  • Automatic assignment of the KNX group addresses

The extended export file contains:

  • KNX group addresses
  • KNXnet/IP router and interfaces
  • Security information for Secure KNXnet/IP router and interfaces
  • ETS project structure including network topology (areas, lines, devices and communication objects)
  • Building and trade view
  • Export of all KNX data point types (KNX DPTs)
  • Export of the configuration of KNX/DALI gateways for NETx LaMPS module
NETx BMS App Secure
Licensing ETS5


Previous version of the NETx BMS App Secure

  • For NETx KNX OPC Server
  • Also available for ETS4
  • No support for export of Secure KNX / IP routers and KNX / DALI gateways
  • Also suitable for NETx BMS Server, but we recommend using the NETx BMS App Secure

NETx Tunneller

Convenient connection between third-party OPC clients and the NETx servers

  • Simplifies the connection of OPC clients from third-party manufacturers (e.g. external visualization) with the NETx server products (NETx BMS Server, NETx KNX OPC Server)
  • Installation on the PC of the third-party OPC client
  • Ocular connection between OPC client and NETx Tunneller, this communicates with the NETx server via its own VNET protocol
  • There is no need for complex Windows firewall or Windows DCOM configuration
  • Remote VNET connection via TCP/IP
  • Also available for main/backup solutions