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Monitor, analyze and process data from smart meters

The goal of modern building automation systems is to increase the user comfort and use the existing resources efficiently. Therefore, building automation contributes significantly to decrease the energy consumption and protect the environment. The intelligent networking of smart meters as well as the use of environmental and sensor data provide the possibility to make analyses that go far beyond conventional consumption recording. This is where our new metering module comes into play. As an extension to our NETx BMS Platform, it helps you to monitor, analyze and process data from smart meters.


Manufacturer- and type independent

The metering module is neither restricted to specific sources nor to specific meter types. It enables you to use any smart meter (KNX, BACnet, Modbus, M-Bus, ...) from different sources (electricity, water, air, heating, ...).

Live data

All calculated consumption values (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) are provided as normal data points. These data points can be used within our visualization or can be forwarded to other management clients via standard interfaces like OPC, BACnet, MQTT or other web services.

Comparison of other trending values

Within the metering module, other trending values can also be included in calculation charts. This provides the possibility to use data points that influence the consumption of energy resource (e.g. temperature values) as comparative values.

Analysis of consumption values and hierarchical structure

The metering module helps you collect consumption values from smart meters and save them in an SQL database. You can then show and export the hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual consumption as a table or chart. You can compare the values from different meters or from different time periods. The integrated meters can be structured hierarchically using so called cost centers. The assignment of the meters to the cost centers can be made on a percentage base. Based on the selected cost center and the assigned meters, consumption calculations can be carried out.

Importing virtual metering readings

The metering module enables you to manually add meter readings for Excel tables.

User management

You are free to use our central user management. Using different permission roles, you can restrict the access to the metering module. While users with higher permissions are able to change the project structure, other users may only be allowed to evaluate calculation charts and generate reports.

Export to third-party applications

All results can be exported for further processing via the open interfaces. This means that applications from third-party manufacturers can also access the data. For information about third-party interfaces, please contact us.


The results of the consumption calculations can be exported in different formats. You can show the results online within our web interface as chart elements or tables. In addition, you generate reports in different file formats like PDF, Excel, … The time period of the shown values can freely be chosen. To be able to compare the calculation results with each other, it is possible to display several meters or periods in one calculation chart. For easy handling of the metering module, the calculation charts can be saved. If you want to reuse a saved calculation chart later, the saved configuration is loaded and displayed with the current values. In addition to the visualization of the consumption values, it is also possible to define actions, such as periodically sending reports by email or exporting them to other systems.